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Some advisory and delivery projects that our team have successfully delivered

FW Fibre & Wireless
As an emerging force of the UK fibre industry, F&W aimed to develop their commercial organisation. With two of our directors involved, we have established a business development function, built a pipeline of wholesale opportunities, and successfully secured Public Sector business as well as a separate set of DCMS vouchers. We also advised on Strategy and backhaul procurement.

Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport
Involved in the early stages of BDUK, we have been subcontracted by KPMG to support the writing of the original £2.1bn BDUK gap funding contract (Technical Requirements) as well as to support bidder evaluation, competitive dialogue and post contract assurance. The contract was renewed 6 times and we received positive feedback from BDUK’s CEO.

City Fibre
We are proud to have two completed projects with City Fibre. Heading up Product and Pre-Sales in their early days we have contributed to the shaping of their commercial policy and fibre product. More recently, in a delivery capacity, we executed the successful completion of 14 nodes in the challenging environment of central Aberdeen.

Community Fibre
To support CF’s Southwark FTTP build project, we have been commissioned to manage delivery consisting in PIA and MDU fibre. The greatest challenge for us was to stand up a planning function over the course of a single month. A few months down the line we were delivering up to 2,000 units per month and planning twice as much. Overall, we helped CF with the planning and delivery of over 10,000 units and received excellent feedback from CEO Jeremy Chelot.

We have helped and supported Digital Infrastructure in the early stages of its start-up and investment process, sharing our knowledge and experience to help consider its future area selection for commercial deployment, response to investment due diligence, understand the level of opportunity from public subsidy, including Project Gigabit, and helped to respond to upcoming Open Market Reviews and Public Consultations.

Northumberland County Council
Design of Digital Infrastructure Programme with Northumberland County Council, including procurement of superfast fibre broadband, digital inclusion programme, digital economy programme and creation of digital trading company. We led a collaborative team of specialists developing the strategy, market engagement, public demand stimulation and engagement with funding bodies.

Capital Ambition team
We supported the Capital Ambition team, bringing technical support and expertise. We led the programme assurance, assessing commercial applications for grants and loans for 5G, full fibre and IoT. We led the development of Green Book Strategic Outline Cases for consideration by CCR and Welsh Government. We supported early mobilisation of the schemes including the DCMS grant of £5m

Plymouth Council
Worked with Plymouth Council to provide expertise and leadership for council’s digital infrastructure ambitions and developed its place-based partnership strategy. We developed a successful LFFN application securing a £3m grant from DCMS and advised on its subsequent procurement. We designed the 5G testbed for Plymouth Smart Sound, producing a successful business case that drew a £2m investment from the local LEP. We prepared and delivered its Digital Infrastructure Strategy

We participated in developing AR/VR solution with 5G vendor for major mobile operator, as 5G eMBB use case, used for launching the 5G in UK. We designed and implemented the architecture of MEC (mobile edge computing) used for implementing gaming application, over 5G smartphones. The solution was used in UK and Germany for 5G launching demos, enhancing the presence of the MEC as critical in the uRLLC ((Ultra-reliable low-latency communication)

Essex County Council
Our team members originally helped set out and provide overall direction to Superfast Essex. The largest local government public intervention for fibre connectivity. A key aspect of this was to help build the team and secure BDUK funding as part of the wider council agenda of building its digital place.

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